1. Brief

Oatly wanted to make a splash targeting an audience who normally would use cow’s milk fairly frequently. However, they don’t want to go through the traditional route of solely talking about health benefits, instead promoting themselves as a barista approved cow’s milk alternative and winning over converts from a sustainability standpoint.


2. Response

To make the biggest impact possible, we decided to dominate the London Coffee Festival. Despite not being an official sponsor of the festival, we knew that those attending would be the perfect audience for Oatly’s messaging and with thousands of barista’s travelling through the festival and surrounding area, if they could be converted to ‘ditch milk’ then hopefully so could the customers they serve. 


Launching ahead of the festival, the OOH-led campaign featured an extensive series of murals and OOH assets throughout Spitalfields and Shoreditch. These were aimed to target main travel routes to and from the festival as well as large murals adjacent to the festival itself. The creative confronted coffee drinkers with the fact that switching from milk could help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 73% and was designed to be simple but attention grabbing in its styling – very much in keeping with the artistic urban area they were located.  


The campaign started from the surrounding area and was unmissable no matter how you travelled, from bus with Roadside 6s and Roadside D48s or walking up to the festival site by Box Park where the creative dominated. Each site acted as a small prompt building up to the huge murals located right beside the festival. All the formats worked together to create a consistent message that would help to affect behaviour of festival goers, changing that first latte from cow’s milk to Oatly.  


3. Results

The campaign was seen by an approximate 35,000 coffee aficionados and baristas and resulted in a leap in positive sentiment on social media. This was seen clearly by people posting on both Twitter and Instagram users declaring that they “always believed you are the best alternative to dairy milk especially for baristas.” Around the campaign Oatly also achieved the highest search volume of 2019 on Google.


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