1. Brief

We were tasked to drive awareness of new Moisture Surge product and bring the franchise back to the top of consumer minds using innovation to support the comms activity, driving Moisture Surge as a moisturiser leader and breakthrough brand. The launch of 72-hour hydration product also needed to differentiate from previous versions and highlight the hydration element visually to consumers, also reflecting the product identity as “the pink one”. 


The activity would also have to cut through a number of other launches in the market across that period, as well as facing strong and consistent competition during a busy Easter period in shopping malls.  


2. Response

In order to create something that would really stand out, we spent three months building 5 water installations that sat within the perimeter of a traditional mall 6 sheet. Not only did the installation capture attention with its constant motion but the natural and calming sound of trickling water helped to round of the entire experience.  



Expert water artistry and lighting effects were combined to recreate the video assets. Water surged from both sides of the 6 sheet before surging over a 3D moulded replica of the product in the centre. The units sat in Clinique’s Top Door malls in close proximity to stockists. The iconic ‘pink cream’ was suspended in the centre allowing for a perfect showcase within an OOH environment. 


3. Results

The Moisture Surge campaign was hugely successful and we saw tremendous results that helped to solidify Clinique’s positioning in the market within facial skincare. Moisture Surge is one of our hero franchises and a strong player within the moisturiser market. 



The relaunch of this iconic ‘Pink cream’ helped us to re-energise the already popular franchise as well as recruit new consumers. The March launch continued the double digital growth momentum of the entire franchise, effectively recruiting new and converting clients. We have held the position as market leaders and successfully closed the gap between Clinique and competitors. 


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