1. Brief

Well known for its seasonal flavours, Starbucks was looking to launch its summer menu full of new and returning summer favourites, including three new “Teavana” flavours; blood orange and passion fruit, tropical mango and strawberry and lime. To make sure that these summery flavours were a hit with their target audience of feel good enthusiasts and conscious experience seekers over 25, who are open to healthier ways to indulge in summer fun, Starbucks wanted to explore an innovative approach to launching these flavours. They were particularly interested in special builds which would help bring the refreshing aspect of Teavana to life.  

2. Response

Creating a standout experiential campaign in a crowded marketplace can be tough, especially with many competitor coffee chains creating summer tea blends alongside ready-to-drink brands stocked in-store. It was crucial that we created an experience that would draw in a crowd, encourage people to naturally interact and ultimately help prompt users to try the new Teavana flavours, so why not create a special build media first? We chose the living wall along Westfield London’s southern edge by Eat Street with the idea of a living wall to reflect the natural side of Teavana and bring in a light and summery feel.


The wall featured over 120 pieces of 2D fruit including blood oranges, limes, passion fruits, strawberries and mangoes, two LED Starbucks Teavana logos and in-built scent and mist diffusers. To promote each Teavana flavour individually, we created three separate arches. Each arch was themed in accordance with a single flavour and equipped with a scent machine dispersing the smell of the fruit and helping to tempt shoppers to stop and interact with the special build. Playing on the iced aspect of the Teavana drinks, we used mist machines to reinforce the refreshing, cooling nature of the beverages. When looking to add this element we realised that the water currently feeding the living wall may not be safe to be misted over the public, so installed a UV filter to kill any bacteria present.


3. Results

The living wall at Westfield created a real buzz with shoppers during its two-week installation, with shoppers stopping to enjoy the scents and take photos with the arches as stunning backdrops. This natural interaction was a perfect reflection of the delicious and relaxing drinks they were promoting.


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