1. Brief

Airbnb wanted to encourage people to sign their homes up to the accommodation marketplace with a targeted digital OOH campaign.



2. Response

The smart linear digital OOH campaign touted the financial benefits and freedoms that being an Airbnb host brings. The creative featured real people like Dennis, saying he used the platform to afford his jazzy wardrobe, or Silvia and Matteo who hosted to help to pay for their travels around the world. The campaign capitalised on the summer holidays with people planning trips away from home, providing an alternative to leaving their homes empty.

3. Results

Depending on the particular digital OOH site, the creative would display suburbs accessible from that station. For eg. at Waterloo, you would be invited to become an Airbnb host in Waterloo, Vauxhall, Putney, Clapham, Richmond & Windsor. The campaign ran for 8 weeks from 6th August 2018.

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