1. Brief

Virgin Trains wanted to launch a dynamic digital OOH campaign aimed at car drivers to remind them that there is a stress-free, fast, viable alternative.

2. Response

Live updates were managed through OpenLoop which automates the playout and delivery of geo-targeted content to each Media Owner in real time. The reactive campaign automated messages based on local traffic data, to add relevance and context to messages that were deployed on premium digital OOH roadside inventory in Leeds and Newcastle from January 30th to February 12th 2017.

3. Results

“Digital Out-of-Home is the perfect fit for our marketing campaign because it intercepts active consumers with highly targeted messages as they move through their day. The medium is working hard, reacting to traffic conditions and providing contextually relevant messages that resonate with road users to pull out the pain points of driving over catching the train.“ – Emma Jansons, Marketing Manager at Virgin Trains on the east coast

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