Rapport, UM London, and Initiative Join Us for Breakfast

Dan Dawson presents at the GV Breakfast at the Hospital Club

Lured by the prospect of a free breakfast and the opportunity to play with some of our new DOOH tech toys, around thirty team members from Rapport, UM London, and Initiative UK joined us last week at the Hospital Club for a presentation on technological developments in Digital Out of Home (DOOH).

Dan Dawson, Grand Visual’s Creative Technology Director, took attendees through an explanation of the role Grand Visual plays in DOOH creative, and how the japanese concept of waku doki (the feeling of anticipation, joy, and excitement delivered by an experience) influences our work. He also talked through some video case studies of recent work, including McDonald’s “See One, Want One”, Disney “Virtual Memories”, and Roadshow Film’s augmented reality billboard for Into the Storm.

Having demonstrated how GV utilises new developments in dynamic content, interactivity, and augmented reality, the presentation concluded with an opportunity for people to try out some of the technology we’ve been developing — such as our Agent controlled virtual penalty shootout game, “The Grand Kick”; facial identification technology that can determine whether someone is male or female, smiling, or even follow the movement of their eyes; and our new dual-screen solution for producing virtual reality activations that allow large groups to participate in the experience.

We intend to run more of these presentations to help agencies gain an insight into the work we do and how we do it. If you think members of your team would be interested in attending such an event, let us know.