Cannes We Kick It?

The Le Grand Kick screen at the top of the Grand Hotel during the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

Forget winning Lions the real challenge this year at Cannes was to score a “pen” on Le Grand Kick. Tapping into “World Cup” fever, Grand Visual and Clear Channel collaborated to test the “tekkers” of the world’s advertising community on the Croisette at Cannes Lions Festival in June.

Using our Agent methodology for pioneering mobile interactive DOOH technology, we designed and built Le Grand Kick to allow “players” to use their smartphones to take part in the virtual “penalty kicks” contest.

The user had to supply name, agency and World Cup team preference before stepping up. A simple swipe action on the phone controlled the ball on the screen in real-time. The keeper, of course, had a mind of his own. Scorers (and failures) featured on a dynamically updated scoreboard on digital sites inside the Palais and on outdoor sites around the Cannes festival.

The huge screen was 16.8 meters wide by 4.8 meters high (the equivalent of two double decker buses) and it’s positioning 12 storeys up on the top of the Grand Hotel meant it was visible around the bay through the day and particularly at night.