Research Proves DOOH Value

Results from Kinetic’s digital out-of-home research proved that twice as many people looked at the digital poster for an average of 60% longer than the static poster. At times, this figure rose to three times as many people looking for twice as long.

In partnership with Titan Outdoor, the trial compared a digital panel and a printed backlit 6 sheet poster in close proximity to each other at London Bridge mainline station and used cameras and tracking technology from Tru Media. Grand Visual produced three different executions specifically for the test which promoted TIGI’s ‘Foxy Curls’ product from its BedHead hair care range. The first was static; the second consisted of an animated 3D model of the product foregrounded with copy animation as reinforcement, the third where all aspects of the artwork had movement.

The research showed that while basic animation (the second version) increases the number of people viewing the poster by almost 30%, further animation (the third version) does not necessarily lead to further engagement. A loop of advertisers attracts the most glances for the longest time, suggesting that a regular change in creative style and content keeps people interested.

Neil Morris, MD of Grand Visual commented:

“We were pleased with the results which support the superior stand out and engagement of digital posters. We were also pleased that the study reinforced what we already know about what works best creatively in this environment.”