McDonald’s Thought Bubbles Powered by Agent

Continuing its campaign to hero ‘The Big Mac’, McDonald’s launched an innovative, live, one-day Digital Out of Home stunt. As people walked below a giant digital billboard situated at a busy London junction, tantalising ‘Thought Bubbles’ featuring McDonald’s flagship burger magically appeared above their heads and appeared to follow them along the high street.

The playful campaign saw ‘The City of London Gateway’ billboard, owned by Outdoor Plus, taken over and turned into an interactive spectacle on Aldgate High Street. Created by Leo Burnett with production and creative technology from Grand Visual, the campaign featured a picture of the iconic Big Mac alongside the caption “See one. Want One”. The digital activation used Grand Visual’s ‘Agent’ platform to enable live interaction between a tablet (and mobile) device and a Digital Out of Home screen and was controlled by on-site operators. Thought Bubbles could then appear on cue and glide above the heads of the crowds with the content on-screen perfectly synched with the speed and direction of passers-by.

The one day event delighted hundreds of commuters and city workers who were seen sporting Big Mac thought bubbles, just moments away from McDonald’s nearest restaurant on Commercial Street. The cheeky Digital Outdoor execution was planned and booked by OMD and Talon. A video of the humorous footage was posted online to watch and share here.