Lucozade Targets Gym Goers

GlaxoSmithKline’s leading exercise drink Lucozade Hydro Active is launching a UK digital media campaign on Boomerang Media’s Health Club Channel network, an in-club music channel featuring fitness related content and advertising. The campaign will roll out across 268 Fitness First and LA Fitness Clubs over 3 months from the 30th April.

Grand Visual is producing two separate 30 second spots for the campaign, both featuring a personal endorsement of the product by an expert Fit Pro Trainer, highlighting the science behind the drink and its ability to hydrate better than water when exercising.

Danielle Blanchard, Brand Manager, Lucozade Hydro Active commented: “This gives us a perfect opportunity to talk directly to gym goers right when they are exercising – reminding them to keep properly hydrated while they workout. Using respected fitness professionals helps to add credibility to our message and really drives the benefits of drinking Hydro Active before, during and after exercise.”

The campaign was planned by MediaCom and booked through Boomerang Media.