Linear Digital OOH Spectacle Lands for Dufry at Heathrow

Dufry Digital OOH Heathrow
Dufry International approached us to help them solve a creative problem they were having. They needed a ‘wow’ piece. An eye-catching and engaging piece of content that would cut through all the advertising at T3 Heathrow.

Using Dufry’s official colours, we developed distinctive creative that would stand out from the crowd and remind travellers to take something home or encourage them to treat themselves.

Dufry Digital OOH

A series of paper planes and balloons fly around the creative, seamlessly transitioning from the portrait pillar screens up to the ultra landscape LED ribbon above.

The creative is strategically placed, so in the vicinity of the perfume counter, the artwork would be showing the perfume bottle prominently in the centre of the screen for example.Dufry Digital OOH

This activation follows more work for Dufry over the past 12 months including the ‘Sense of Place’, which was created for the new Heathrow T3 screens. Created for Dufry International, this included a 110-metre landscape screen. The campaign showcased the London skyline, with creative that changed four times a day for dawn, day, dusk and night. The creative runs year round and changes slightly based on the seasons, for example, you will see Christmas content leading up to winter and bright days in summer.

Grand Visual also worked with Dufry to create brand templates in four different languages, for four commercial opportunities. The templates are available in Chinese, Russian, German and English and focus on brand sponsored messaging pertaining to New, Exclusive, Value, Experience.