Honda Motorcycles Europe Targets Youth with Experiential and Online Campaign

Honda Motorcycles Europe made a splash in Bromley centre with an experiential event to promote their new NSC50R scooter model. ‘Give This Girl Your Number,’ a pop-up experience, used a state of the art digital billboard to challenge passing men to give an attractive Grid Girl model their number for a chance to win the new scooter.

Created by Karmarama, with technical consultancy and build by Grand Visual, the screen hosted a live copy campaign addressing individual members of the public as they passed by with bespoke real-time messages of encouragement. Copy was delivered instantly via Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform and included one-liners such as “Oi, tall, dark and handsome, go for it,” and “Think you have a shot mate?” Interested parties were then challenged to perform embarrassing tasks, unaware they were being filmed in the process.

The most memorable efforts by members of the public were collated in an online film and seeded across France, Italy and the UK as part of a lead-generation campaign. Those who watch the viral are then invited to vote on who they think deserves to win the NSC50R, whilst voters are also entered into a separate competition to win the scooter.

The humorous live copy execution and resulting viral was supported by a wider campaign involving online film and press ads.