GV Labs Head to the Gadget Show Live

Gadget Show Live is an event held every year at the NEC in Birmingham by Channel 5’s Gadget Show. The event exhibits some of the latest weird and wonderful tech & gadgets that have emerged in the past year.

This year, Jon Jones from GV Labs headed down there to take a look at what was on offer.

Gadget Show Live is held in one large exhibition hall, which is absolutely full to the brim with lots of noise and flashing lights.

The first thing that I saw was straight out of the Digital Out of Home world from Kino-mo. RGB LED strips had been fitted to the spokes of a bike. As the wheel is rotated a computer works out what colours and shapes to display. The result is a video which plays out on the wheels. Could THIS be the future of DOOH?

Jeep were there with a really cool 360 capture rig. Using 48 DSLR cameras and 4 laptops they were able to take a snapshot from all cameras then stitch them together in a bullet time style as seen in the Matrix. Neo-in-The-Matrix-the-matrix-22575369-560-240 You can see the resemblance, right?

HP were there showcasing a computer that featured Intel’s RealSense hardware. RealSense is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect but provides higher detail. A demonstration showed that an object could be placed on a table and with the help of a projector beaming white lines, the RealSense could build a 3D model in a matter of seconds.

Forever losing your keys … or your keys? Lupo’s GPS tracker will help you to be reunited with them. Lupo Originally started on KickStarter, TurnsPro is a powerful yet simple turntable for timelapse photography. Gradually panning the camera over time creates a great effect. Overall it was a great day up in Birmingham, and we saw a load of different companies doing some really interesting and creative stuff . If you are a gadget geek, it is well a worth a visit. Two Thumbs up from GV Labs.