Benadryl Pollen Count 2014

Benadryl Pollen Counts DOOH

Last Summer, Benadryl (the anti-allergy treatment), ran a dynamic, reactive, and location specific digital out of home campaign to alert hay fever sufferers when pollen counts were high.

The Benadryl Pollen Count campaign was so successful that it ran again this year — with a few improvements of course.

Created by JWT and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign promoted Benadryl’s Social Pollen Count App by behaving in a similar way to the App — delivering real-time, relevant information whatever your location.

The creative drew on official Met Office pollen counts, then targeted those areas registering high levels, and provided localised map readings based on the exact location of each individual digital outdoor screen.

The campaign was booked by Kinetic, and managed through Grand Visual’s dynamic out of home campaign management tool, OpenLoop. For this year’s campaign we updated the creative and reworked the backend to improve usability of the interface and credit system. Daily pollen forecasts were received by Kinetic, and the activation could be requested for up to four days in advance.