Benadryl Delivers Live Pollen Counts

Benadryl launched a dynamic, reactive, location-specific Digital OOH campaign to alert hay fever sufferers when pollen counts are high this summer. In a media first, the data-driven campaign based on official Met Office pollen counts, targets those areas registering high pollen counts, and provides localised map readings based on the exact location of each individual digital outdoor screen location.

Created by JWT and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign promotes Benadryl’s Social Pollen Count App by behaving in a similar way to the App – delivering real-time, relevant information whatever your location.

The tactical campaign was planned and booked by GroupM Primus and Kinetic and runs during the summer period, when grass pollen allergies affect 95% of hay fever sufferers. Dynamic content is managed, updated and distributed through OpenLoop. Digital posters and billboards are regionally activated when the pollen count is High/Very High according to MET Office readings that day.