1. Brief

Western Union (WU) launched a dynamic, digital OOH campaign that highlighted just how quick and easy it is to transfer funds from place to place with its service.

2. Response

Created by BBH, the campaign creative paired the location of the screen with an alliterated location from another part of the world. In this case, “From Blackfriars to Baku.”

To pair these locations together, Grand Visual built a backend database for the campaign. When the creative recognised where it was live (Blackfriars), it was matched with a WU location that started with the same letter (Baku).

The creative also flipped through over WU locations that began with the same letter, in this case, “B” to showcase the brand’s global presence. In good humour, we even added in some unusual, but very real places like Mooball, Crackpot and Ding Dong!

3. Results

The UK-wide campaign ran across two bursts, with the first commencing on the 1st December 2019 and the second on the 16th December. The campaign was managed and delivered with OpenLoop.

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