1. Brief

In early 2015, the UK was looking forward to the biggest visible solar eclipse for over a decade. How can we leverage this event for Oreo using digital OOH screens around the country.

2. Response

Using real-time astronomical data, we mirrored the exact time and trajectory of the sun and moon for each digital display site. The Oreo Eclipse ran on March 20th from 8:25am-10:40am, matching the solar eclipse UK movement in real time.

3. Results

One hour after the eclipse’s completion, we distributed time-lapse videos on social media. By giving the UK the eclipse British weather denied them, we made Oreo the star of the celestial event of the decade. The Oreo Eclipse was seen by more than 20 million people. March sales increased 59%. The Gunn Report named the campaign one of the most successful campaigns of 2015.

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