1. Brief

jetBlue airlines wanted to target Boston vacationers driving to Cape Cod, by reminding them that it would be faster to fly to another destination than be stuck in heavy traffic.

2. Response

They launched “Escape the Cape,” a dynamic digital OOH campaign targeting the thousands of vacationers stuck in the heavy Cape Cod traffic.

Produced by Grand Visual, the campaign used real-time transport API’s and jetBlue’s flight schedule to compare Cape Cod driving times to flight times for alternative destinations.

For example, the campaign copy would suggest that Cape Cod by car is 4 hours but San Juan by plane is 3.55 hours. Created by Mullenlowe, planned and bought by Rapport, API data used for the campaign was also managed and delivered through OpenLoop.

3. Results

The campaign was live from 19th August till 1st September 2019 and ran across large-format digital billboards around Boston. The dynamic campaign also ran on the side of a mobile billboard (ie. side of a truck), the first time the medium had supported a dynamic campaign.

The roadside push supported the brands wider campaign across TV and traditional OOH. 

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