1. Brief

LEGO Star Wars wanted to entertain shoppers with an Experiential campaign. Using Gesture Recognition Technology, the campaign invited users to “Master the Force”.

2. Response

Using Gesture Sensor Technology, the public were able to engage with on-screen LEGO sets. The participants were prompted to choose a side before they built the spaceships of the new galaxy. The goal of the experience was to become a true Jedi Master. The faster users could build, the more points were won. Using new camera technology that was still in development, the game had the ability to recognize and track joint movements in 3D. Once the game was over, participants could take a photo with the crew, amplifying the reach of the campaign further.

3. Results

The poster used a bespoke creative technology solution, running in two large format locations on Limited Space screens, in Bluewater and Newcastle shopping malls from the 28th May to the 4th June. With 2797 games played over the week, the winner was the Rebels with 4,597,268 points.

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