1. Brief

Online streaming service Netflix, wanted to promote their latest supernatural-horror web television series, “The Haunting of Hill House.”

They wanted to create an experience that used interactive augmented reality technology, to scare the attendees of Comic-Con NY 2018.

2. Response

Grand Visual developed two interactive augmented reality applications for the experience. The first, a bathroom experience, featured a two-way mirror, installed in a licensed gender-neutral bathroom. As an unsuspecting user approached the mirror, a proximity sensor triggered a screen hidden behind the mirror. Then, an apparition from the show appeared in the mirror, startling the user.

The second experience used a standalone screen and featured reverse camera AR. The screen showed the view of the street from the camera. Ghostly apparitions appeared, before moving around and interacting with the live street view. Both applications used lighting and sound effects to emulate the creepy atmosphere that haunts the series.

3. Results

The terrifying interactive augmented reality experience scared Comic-Con attendees from the 3rd – 6th October 2018. The bathroom application received over 4ooo interactions and the street application received over 5000 interactions!

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