1. Brief

Hiscox wanted to promote their Small Businesses Insurance with a dynamic campaign reporting on cyber attacks as and when they happened. To drive awareness of advanced cybercrime and the threat to small businesses, they launched an intelligent and hard-hitting digital OOH campaign.

2. Response

In a media first, the data-driven creative was powered by real-life hackers and displayed real-time cybercrime in a tactical digital OOH execution. Grand Visual’s purpose-built honeypot system, developed to replicate any small business, monitored live hacks.

The poster creative would then respond with a pulsing “Cyber Attack” headline and a ticker showed passers-by the cumulative amount of attacks to have hit the honeypot that day. As the breaches built, so too did the headline, with each poster evolving and reacting throughout the course of the day. The dynamic content was managed and delivered using OpenLoop.

3. Results

The campaign ran from 19th – 23rd February on multiple screen formats and networks across the UK. It was met with a positive reception and received several awards! The campaign ran for a second time throughout October 2018. Cyber Live went on to win 9 awards, as well as numerous shortlists.

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