1. Brief

Drag Him Away was a mobile-activated,  interactive digital OOH campaign, run by NCDV and JWT to spread domestic violence awareness.



2. Response

The digital OOH campaign features an abusive domestic situation between a man and a woman, with an urgent call to action. This call to action provided users with a web address and a QR code which allowed them to interact with the campaign via their mobile phone.

Once connected, the user was able to control the characters and was prompted to ‘drag’ the abuser away from the victim onto an adjacent billboard. Once the abuser was dragged away, the screens synchronised with a message that urged users to report any domestic violence situations to the NCDV so that they can intervene on the victim’s behalf.

3. Results

Taking place at London Euston Station, the 5-screen execution was supported by 4 additional e-motion screens and D6 formats. All of the screens featured QR codes that took the user to the website to activate their phone as the remote control. A social film of the experience was made and received over 100k views.

Steve Connor, CEO of NCDV, said: “This engaging advert perfectly demonstrates the way in which NCDV helps victims of domestic violence, namely, we can put distance between them and their abuser. It encourages people to call the NCDV and start the process of securing an injunction against the abuser.”

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