1. Brief

Create a scalable, interactive experience to promote infinity 3.0 at consumer trade shows. Build a memorable experience worthy of social sharing on a large scale.

2. Response

We developed a ‘mediated reality’ experience – one that uses both Augmented and Virtual reality techniques – that allowed guests to choose a scene from the game and virtually interact with their favourite Disney character.
Once participants stepped into position, they magically appeared on a large digital display with Darth Vader, Baymax, Stitch etc. After fighting, dancing and posing with them, participants received video and image content from their visit at our booth.

3. Results

By transporting guests into the Infinity 3.0 world, we brought them to a place built by imagination; one where adults and children can have fun and enjoy elements of the game in a truly unique way. The takeaway content provided them with an opportunity to share their special moment and revisit the experience whenever they wish. This interactive AR experience had a total of 2,801 guest interactions at E3, Comic Con and D23. It also produced 12,479 website page views during the events.

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