1. Brief

The Stage is Yours to Take” was launched as an extension of Budweiser’s “Greatness Is Yours to Take” global brand platform, which helps young people realise their dreams, especially up-and-coming musicians. The campaign was created in response to the BRIT awards, in which both awards for best female and male artists were combined into a gender-neutral category. As a result, only male artists were nominated. 

2. Response

To champion the female and non-binary artists that were snubbed by this change, we turned a Budweiser billboard into a stage that reached the biggest, and most influential, names in music. This billboard was selected due to foot traffic data, placing it right in the heart of the BRIT Awards attendees’ hotels.

A selection of up-and-coming artists were invited to perform a free concert for music lovers, which was then live streamed via projectors across London, on screens inside and outside of the O2 area on the night of the BRITs. QR codes were featured on the broadcasts, linking to a playlist of the musician’s songs.

3. Results

In giving female and non-binary artists a new stage, we proved that greatness will always be theirs to take. No award nominations necessary. As a result, up-and-coming artist Mychelle was scouted by Kobalt Music, resulting in a professional demo deal.

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