1. Brief

Benadryl launched a smart digital OOH campaign to leverage consumer behaviour. J&J wanted to leverage the work being done by their Social Pollen Count as part of the digital OOH campaign.

2. Response

To alert hay fever sufferers when pollen counts are high, Benadryl launched a dynamic, reactive, location-specific Digital OOH campaign over the summer. The data-driven activation was based on official Met Office pollen readings and delivered through OpenLoop.
Each execution provided localised map readings based on the exact location of each digital outdoor screen. The campaign promoted Benadryl’s Social Pollen Count App by behaving in a similar way – delivering real-time, relevant information whatever your location.

3. Results

The OpenLoop Media Booking feature meant that bookings were made 24 hours in advance, in doing so Benadryl was able to target allergy sufferers throughout the summer whenever they knew allergies where highest. Delivering timely, locally relevant information to people as they socialise. The campaign has been so successful it has re-booked now 3 summers running and is looking to expand into different markets.

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