1. Brief

To promote and drive awareness of Audible’s True Crime Podcast Series by creating two impactful 48 Sheet Special Builds that each related to a different podcast available on Audible. These podcasts were, “The Catch: The Real Freshwater Five Story” and “Samuel Little: 93 Women.”

2. Response

We made two giant police tape recorders and installed them in high footfall 48s locations in Brixton London and Salford Manchester. Members of the public could press a street level play button to trigger  a sound clip from the podcast to play and movement: red light to come on, tape wheels to turn and the counter to roll through numbers.

3. Results

Each build was adapted to suit the media site and to allow physical interaction. The Manchester public pressed a button on the billboard and the Brixton public pressed a separate button mounted at street level underneath the build. We also had a QR code which when scanned took you directly to the podcast.

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