Walkers Interactive Poster for Spell&Go

AMV BBDO’s promotion for Walkers ‘Spell and Go’ invited people to collect the letters from special packs and spell a destination to win one of 20,000 holidays.

As part of the campaign for this promotion, Walkers launched an interactive poster that invited passers-by to add select letters to their collections by making the shapes of those letters with their bodies. The letters to create are automatically served up by the poster and users are guided through the process with playful and humorous messages of encouragement.

The poster uses a bespoke creative technology solution, combining touch-screen, real-time gesture recognition and state-of-the-art machine learning to identify the postures replicating each letter. It is a truly innovative use of this technology for the brand.

Planned and booked by Talon, the campaign was live on with Signature Outdoor in Manchester on 9th – 10th May and on 19th – 22nd May.

Watch the Video here