UKTV Uses Dynamic DOOH to Promote UKPlay On-Demand Offering

Dynamic DOOH, UKTV

The broadcaster UKTV has deployed a dynamic DOOH campaign encompassing real-time triggers, locational context, alongside data and social media trends to promote its on-demand service UKTV Play.

The campaign is the fruition of UKTV’s winning concept entered into Talon’s ‘Smarter as Standard’ competition, activated across major media owners. The digital OOH activity will run alongside a wider media campaign entitled ‘Love your thing’ which will feature on TV and social media platforms.

The dynamic, programmatically informed, campaign creative – facilitated by digital production agency Grand Visual – will be triggered to play based on factors including location, environment and when specific conditions are met. The campaign’s creative is split into five categories: roadside (driven by traffic data and Google Maps API), high street (weather data), shopping malls (time-of-day), rail (location and time-of-day), underground (time-of-day, commuter specific copy). The content mapped to each programmatic condition will be updatable throughout the campaign via OpenLoop, the digital OOH campaign management platform.

Alongside these dynamic triggers, using overnight BARB data and social media trends to reveal consumer insights. The campaign provided a contextual element by reminding audiences of the most popular recently aired programming that is available to stream on the on-demand service.

The campaign will go live on the 20th June, running for two weeks, and features across a number of different formats including rail, roadside, mall and underground environments. The campaign is further supported by use of classic formats commencing after the dynamic digital campaign ended.

Talon’s Chief Client Officer, Adrian Skelton, who launched the competition at Talon’s Leadership conference last November, adds:

“Contextual use of Digital Out of Home should no longer be viewed as innovation, it’s just how we now plan our medium. Smarter is now standard. We had some outstanding entries to our competition but the UKTV entry really stood out in capturing Talon’s ‘Smarter as Standard’ philosophy towards data planning and digital Out-of-Home.”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, said:

“Technology is opening up new avenues for creativity in Digital Out of Home, enabling brands to react in the moment with messages that are contextual and relevant. This intelligent campaign from UKTV is a great example of this – data and creativity coming together to connect with audience mind-set in the moment.”

The competition entry was based around dynamic locations-based UKTV Play messaging, with the aim to drive engagement and downloads of the channel’s app through contextual use of digital OOH content – creating a greater resonance with audiences.