Top Tips for Dynamic DOOH: Audience, Moment, Message

Google Dynamic Digital OOH at Wimbledon
Sarah Hetherington, Senior Marketing Executive, shares her top tips for any dynamic digital OOH campaign.

Digital OOH isn’t just putting static artwork onto a digital screen. The creative potential of the medium is huge, DOOH has the unique benefit of being able to be updated in real-time according to various data triggers like the time of day, temperature, or even train times.

You can advertise ice cream when the temperature climbs above 25 degrees Celsius and hot chocolate when it dips below 15. Studies have shown that contextual creative works and is 49% more effective* overall than non-dynamic advertising.

The challenge for our industry is how we can do more to fully utilise the technology that has been developed for these digital screens.

So how to begin? We have put together our top three tips on how to craft dynamic content for digital OOH.

How to craft stories around live data

Audience: Who are they?

Having a strong understanding of your audience is key. It will allow you to tailor your content in a way that’s engaging and relevant.

Think about what your audience will be doing when they walk past your creative. Are they on their way to work? Do they actually have time to stop and engage, for example in a shopping centre?

Once you know who you are targeting, you can begin to craft your story.

Moment: What is their mindset?

There are many different data types you can use to make your content more relevant and contextual. From location, to weather, date, time of day, trends, local events or holidays.

To decide what will be the most relevant, it will come back to your audience and what might be affecting them at that moment.

Gauge their mood, need state and attitude. This will feed into what type of trigger data will be the most effective. Are they on their way to work and thinking about their journey? Or is it hot and they’re contemplating a cold drink?

Considering the “moment” in which your message will appear can enable you to use the data that will provide the most benefit to your audience. Meaning not only will your campaign be noticed, but your message will be appreciated.

Message: What will deliver a timely & impactful message?

Message is the element where everything comes together.  By strongly identifying your audience, and considering the ‘moment’ you will be reaching them, you can choose the most relevant data & contextual elements with which to craft your message.

Think about how those data types can be integrated within creative that befits your brand or product, and in a way that makes sense for consumers.

By taking the time to curate and craft creative messages, you will have the ability to update the content throughout the duration of the campaign, based on your preset data triggers.

Dynamic Digital OOH

Digital OOH is constantly evolving as technology improves, and brands are looking to be more strategic with their advertising. The challenge is to broaden the scope of campaign creative currently seen on digital screens. There’s huge potential to deliver multiple messages for multiple audiences and really maximise your impact through the integration of dynamic content.

The capabilities of digital OOH far extend using the same print creative on a digital screen. As an industry, we should be pushing to better utilise the technology available and craft some memorable data-driven stories.  

*LivePoster The Dynamic Difference