Things We Love October October 27, 2018 |

Welcome to our October instalment of Things We Love. A little something we hope will help you to get to know us at GV a little better. This month we’re sharing the spooky, magical things we’ve loved, new technology we’ve been looking at which could be applied to digital OOH, and some wonderful Halloween creative!

Lifeprint’s augmented reality photos get the most obvious Harry Potter partnership ever – ADAM – MGFX DESIGNER

“Bringing some Harry Potter magic to real life, the team at Lifeprint have worked with Warner Brothers to create Harry Potter branded Magic Photo and Video Printer. It’s such a creative use of augmented reality and a perfect brand partnership.”

Yellow M&Ms get a ghostly makeover for Halloween – CHARLOTTE – MARKETING APPRENTICE

“It’s been eleven years since the brand has released a new Halloween campaign – and I’m excited! ‘Ghosted’ sees Red and Yellow leaving the aftermath of a Halloween party, relieved to have made it through another year without being eaten. As they walk away, we see Yellow float away with a bite taken out of his back, realising that he didn’t survive after all! I wonder what Christmas will bring…”

Technology Mid-air Haptics


Ultrahaptics creates the sensation of touch mid-air. Imagine adding Ultrahaptics to a Digital OOH installation – it would give the user a much more immersive 4D experience. Perfect for adding a ghoulish surprise to creative!

Technology Fanta experiential

Coca-Cola brought a screamy twist to the vending machine stunt – SARAH – MARKETING EXECUTIVE

Vending machine stunts aren’t anything new, but I love the twist with this one from Royal Tru-Orange. Taking trick or treat literally, people definitely wouldn’t have been expecting it and it’s great for social sharing. It’s fun to imagine how something similar could be replicated with digital OOH.





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