Persil has launched an interactive campaign at thecentre:mk in Milton Keynes to allow consumers to have fun with the brand and create personalised silhouettes against a background of everyday food stains. The campaign highlights the new formulation of Persil Small & Mighty which provides better stain removal guaranteed, even in a quick wash. The bespoke digital activation allows families to virtually splat a huge digital canvas with a range of brightly coloured foods and liquids before revealing the participants own pristine silhouettes from the mess.

Devised by DLKW Lowe, produced by Grand Visual, and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic, the campaign asks the public “are you ready to take on whatever life throws?” The user is then asked to strike a pose before their image is pelted with a virtual onslaught of everyday stubborn food groups including grapefruit, Ragu and black tea. The image gradually transforms before them to reveal their silhouette – stain free and pristine white against a background of multi-coloured food stains.

Participants at thecentre:mk can add even more splatters to the display by touching the screen to spread green curry, chocolate ice-cream or blue poster paint and can also view their brightly splattered creations in an online gallery at where they can tag and share pictures with friends and family online. The campaign continues the theme of Persil’s TV campaign “For Whatever Life Throws” featuring a young girl’s dress getting covered in many everyday stains.