Virgin Trains on the east coast is launching an innovative data-driven, dynamic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign aimed at car drivers to remind them that there is a stress free, fast, viable alternative. The reactive campaign automates messages based on local traffic data, to add relevance and context to messages that will be deployed on premium DOOH roadside inventory in Leeds and Newcastle from the January 30 through to February 12.

In Leeds, the traffic reactive campaign changes based on congestion levels on roads in close proximity to each digital billboard site and provides tailored, contextually relevant messages aimed at encouraging drivers to consider Virgin Trains’ service. Produced in partnership with Grand Visual and Manning Gottlieb OMD, the dynamic campaign aligns with driver’s mindset in the moment by suggesting commuters should “avoid all this bleeping traffic” when traffic is heavy during the morning rush-hour, for example, followed by the call to action “Leeds to London, 2HRS 14MINS”. Live updates are managed through OpenLoop which analyses Google API’s data and automates the playout and delivery of geo-targeted content to each Media Owner in real time.

The campaign is the result of a collaborative effort between Virgin Trains, client agencies Krow, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Talon, and production outfit Grand Visual, and the media owner’s Ocean Outdoor, City Outdoor and 8 Outdoor. The DOOH activity supports a broader campaign spanning TV, Digital, OOH, Print and Radio.

The initiative represents a new marketing direction for Virgin Trains, as it pushes to innovate it’s marketing communications with intelligent use of data and technology to keep messages targeted and relevant.

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer, Grand Visual, said:

“Clever use of data and technology amplifies campaign relevance, transforming digital out-of-home advertising networks into real-time marketing platforms. With the right team and a collaborative approach, it’s never been easier to produce engaging and responsive campaigns at an individual screen level ensuring the campaigns remain targeted and relevant.”

#SeizeTheHoliday dynamic DOOH

The latest campaign from Virgin Holidays aims to entice holidaymakers who would typically book UK or European holidays to book a long-haul trip. The ‘Seize the Holiday’ campaign, billed as Virgin Holidays biggest refresh in 31 years, features live holiday footage from 18 different locations around the world.

Produced by Grand Visual and delivered through OpenLoop, the dynamic DOOH campaign pulls in consumers holiday pictures uploaded to Instagram with the #SeizeTheHoliday hashtag. Deployed on premium digital billboards across the UK, the dynamic creative is live on the JCDecaux, Exterion, Clear Channel, Signature and Primesight networks.

Claire Cronin Virgin Holidays vice president of customer said:

“What we are really super aware of is that travel is an increasingly cluttered space, there are new entrants coming into the marketplace all the time and in order for us to get cut through, we need to be innovative….”

The digital OOH campaign is supporting the wider activity running across TV, VOD, press, radio, digital, mobile, YouTube and social.

The campaign creative was developed by AMVBBDO, planned and booked by Manning Gottlieb OMD and Talon, produced by Grand Visual and facilitated by OpenLoop.

Virgin Atlantic’s latest campaign, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, urged people to seize the day and make those “One Day” goals and aspirations happen. The airline has picked out tweets from users who have written a message in the past about activities they would like to do “one day” and posted them across Digital Out of Home. If the selected tweeter sees the DOOH and gets in touch with Virgin Atlantic by the end of the day, the company will help make their dreams a reality.

The campaign kicked off with a tweet from @molly_bayston three years ago saying “Proper want to go sky diving one day!” Virgin Atlantic reached out to her with the message “tweet us before midnight and we’ll help make your #OneDay happen.” Molly saw it and got in touch, so Virgin Atlantic rewarded her with a trip to go sky diving in California!

Grand Visual produced over 200 pieces of copy for the campaign with the DOOH creative updating across the day as the hunt for the chosen Tweeter progressed.

Hamish Rickman, Vice President, Marketing at Virgin Atlantic commented:

“So many of us say ‘one day I will…’ but all too often we don’t allow that ‘one day’ to happen. With this campaign, we’re not only aiming to motivate and inspire people to achieve that one thing they have always talked about but for a lucky few, actually help make it happen”.

The campaign, planned and booked by PHD and Talon, was live from the 16th-20th May across ECN, Exterion, JC Decaux, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus & Storm networks across the UK.