Virgin Media’s latest dynamic campaign keeps commuters across the UK up to date on the most popular TV shows from the night before and in the process promoting its streaming services.

The dynamic campaign uses OpenLoop to combine real-life viewing data from last nights most popular programs along with Virgin’s iconic animal characters. The iconic Virgin creative reminds commuters that they can ‘get on the stream train’ with messages like ‘Last Night, 235,000 Night Owls streamed Goggle Box’

The dynamic campaign was planned booked by Talon Outdoor and will appear across JCDecaux, Clear Channel and Exterion Media networks running for four weeks from the 18th of May, 2015.

Sprint legend Usain Bolt has returned to front Virgin Media’s latest advertising campaign which promotes their super-fast fibre-optic service. The campaign includes a nationwide large-format Digital Outdoor push which invites Brits to ‘Challenge Your Broadband’.

The campaign sees Bolt, representing Virgin Media’s super-fast fibre-optic service, go head-to-head with Blot, a slow and squat character representing standard broadband powered by DSL technology.

The advert dramatises the frustrating experience of slow broadband by displaying a YouTube video in the centre with Bolt and Blot on treadmills either side. When Bolt runs on the treadmill and powers the display the video clip plays perfectly. When Blot jogs the footage is slow and pixelated, demonstrating the ways in which superfast broadband delivers better online viewing experiences.

The campaign was created by BBH, produced by Grand Visual and planned and booked by Fifty6 and Talon Outdoor. It ran this month on large format digital screens nationwide including JCDecaux’s Transvision network and Ocean Outdoor’s Liverpool Media Wall and supports a broader integrated campaign spanning TV, print and online.