Lurpak once again turned to Digital Out of Home to promote their latest product range which includes Lurpak Lightest and Lurpak Olive Oil. The multi-format DOOH campaign went live at the start of January across the JCDecaux rail network.

Drawing from the strong visual imagery of the campaign, we have used subtle motion to animate the Lurpak creative. Now a widely used technique across DOOH in the UK, this campaign demonstrates how ‘subtle motion’ can bring creative to life in a new and beautiful way.

Subtle motion is a technique developed by Grand Visual Digital Director, Ric Albert, as a way to make the creative work harder, whilst being subtle enough to not distract drivers in roadside advertising. The first application of subtle motion came about as a result of a Silver medal win at Ocean’s ‘Art of Out Outdoor’ competition for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and was deployed on their ‘Two Towers’ site.

The campaign creative was supplied by W+K with DOOH production by Grand Visual and deployed across JC Decaux rail sites.

Rightmove digital out of home making commuters happy

This week Rightmove launched a Digital Out of Home campaign supporting the “Find Your Happy” message. The campaign highlights the unrivalled choice and stock available on Rightmove, reminding passers-by that they’re more likely to find their next home on Rightmove, with dynamic & localised messages deployed on the Exterion and JCDecaux networks across London.

Delivered through OpenLoop, the dynamic campaign promotes properties For Sale and To Rent in London & specific regions based on each site location and other contextually relevant data. For example, a commuter travelling on the Victoria line would encounter a message like, “From Brixton to Walthamstow. More London rental properties than anywhere else.” Whilst those travelling from London’s commuter belt, messaging on the JCDecaux transvision screens encourage commuters to search for their ‘place with potential’ with Rightmove.

The DOOH campaign has been deployed to amplify Rightmove’s marketing activity running across traditional OOH, TV, print and online media. The DOOH campaign was delivered by Talon Outdoor, with Media Partnership agency Electric Glue and creative agency Homebrew.

American Express, in partnership with Grand Visual and OgilvyOne UK, instigated the UK’s first ever interactive billboard campaign that sends location-based content direct to user’s phones.

The campaign ran on JCDecaux Transvision screens across 10 of London’s biggest train stations and was designed to help passengers make the most of their travels. Passers-by were encouraged to send an SMS message, including their name, to ‘London’s Insider Tip Generator’ to get their own personalised and location specific message featured on the billboard.

Each text triggered a personalised piece of information or tip highlighting insider knowledge about the area local to them e.g. “A tip for Tim: Look outside Kings Cross station and see if you can spot a 19th century lighthouse!” The participant also received the tip as an SMS message, so they could take it away with them and share.

The campaign runs until the middle of June. SMS integration is managed through Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform allowing moderation and the publishing of tips instantly across all 10 sites from a desktop location.

This month sees ITV run an online and digital out-of-home campaign promoting the portability of its online catch-up service, ITV Player. The online activity started on January 16th, with DOOH following a week later.

The DOOH creative includes two specially shot spots entitled Painter and Baby. The Painter spot features a young man happily painting a floor before realising he has painted himself into a corner. The Baby creative shows a father vainly trying to get his crying baby to sleep before realising that he has no choice but to sit by the cot. In both spots, a mobile device with ITV Player offers a way to while away the time.

The online campaign featured takeovers and banners on sites such as,, Mail Online, and, amongst others. The digital out-of-home creative ran on Transvision, XTP, D6, Access Manchester, the Birmingham Bullring, and the Liverpool Media Wall formats. Grand Visual provided consultancy on the DOOH shoot and produced and trafficked the online assets.

Today, Bulmers is launching a digital OOH campaign to celebrate the launch of Bulmers No 17, the new crushed red berries flavour with a shot of lime. Created by Exposure and produced by Grand Visual, the linear campaign features a series of tests and experiments which can be accessed via

One test tries to find out whether people or birds “tweet” more and depicts a set of weighing scales with a bird balancing on one side and a person on the other and encourages people to get involved at Each experiment is followed by a branding screen with product shot, logo and

The digital OOH activity plays across DEPs and Transvision screens this month and forms part of the multimillion-pound ‘Experimenters Wanted’ campaign featuring TV, press, experiential, mobile and social media running throughout the summer

To celebrate the global nature of the UEFA Champions League Final, Heineken UK launched a closely integrated social media and digital outdoor campaign to capture the global conversation inspired by one of the largest annual sporting events in the world. The Twitter powered world map dominated digital out of home sites across London and encouraged people to “Feed the Tweet Map.”

Developed by MediaVest, Grand Visual and booked and planned Kinetic, the map visually represented the number of people tweeting about the final in each country at any one moment. Expanding and shrinking Heineken beer bottles correlated to the volume of all tweets coming from all corners of the world in real time and tapped into its global tag line ‘Open Your World’.

The data was collated, augmented and pushed out using Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform, which enables live and dynamic campaigns across the DOOH space. Heineken’s Twitter-powered world map appeared across seven major digital outdoor sites and was part of a broader outdoor push to ‘paint London green’. Through a combination of static, digital and backlit sites encompassing road, rail and air routes into and out of London, it was anticipated to reach 75% of all adults in London an average of 24 times during the campaign period.

Rick Lawrence, marketing manager for Heineken UK, said: “We are delighted with this media first, the innovative linking of Twitter, new technology and digital outdoor brings standout to our Outdoor campaign in a way that is truly befitting of the world’s most international beer brand and Europe’s most prestigious club football competition. On average, 8m London adults will see the campaign activity, driving awareness of Heineken’s premium credentials to an all-time high in the UK.”

Google is running a real time, destination specific digital OOH campaign promoting Google Voice – the voice activated search tool for mobiles. The first burst of activity runs on DEPs across 10 underground stations. The campaign is a play on regional accents and phonetically spells out various pronunciations of the same word. The copy is also station specific so at Bank, a multi-screen execution runs variations of the word finance such as ‘fey-nuns’ and ‘fy-nants’.

The second burst of the campaign begins on the 11th April and will run on Transvision screens at 9 London stations. This time the copy ties in with the destination of the next departing train. Various pronunciations of the destinations are then screened including illustrations relating to that place. So for Mon-chester there is an illustration of Old Trafford and for Ed-n-uh-bru, bag pipes are displayed. The strapline “say it get it, voice search for mobile, by Google” remains on screen throughout.

The campaign is designed to demonstrate the Google Voice’s superior voice activation software which understands anyone from anywhere regardless of accent. The campaign was delivered via OpenLoop, Grand Visual’s tactical platform for updating and streaming live copy campaigns to multiple screens.

Today, the international directories company, is launching the world’s first localised, real time, and destination specific digital out of home campaign to promote its local business directories. The campaign will run on JCDecaux’s Transvision screens at busy rail stations across the UK and will syndicate content from’s online directory with the destination of the next departing train.

The campaign features information from about local businesses including public user ratings. This information is syndicated with the National Rail’s database to identify and target defined segments from the 3 million weekly Transvision rail audiences with destination specific content.

The campaign was created by Rapier and digital production specialist Grand Visual and uses our OpenLoop platform to stream content that is contextual to the audience’s home location and publishes it on screen. For example if the next departing train is to Southend-On-Sea at lunchtime, the copy may include “Heading to Southend-On-Sea? Try Southchurch Park Cafe 01702 603 486” and then provides a customer review “A great place for coffee and cake, or tea and biscuits” and finally the strapline and call to action “ for reviews wherever you’re heading.”

Nike BOOM Digital OOH Campaign

Nike launched a regional outdoor campaign to promote the Nike Pro Combat Dri-FIT Competition Base Layer range. The campaign was based around football and rugby fixtures and used out-of-home formats close to match venues to target sports fans with tailored copy for the specific sport and teams.

Working with Wieden + Kennedy, Grand Visual produced the DOOH copy which featured Nike sponsored players smashing through the word BOOM carved out of a block of ice. The creative illustrates the power and performance of the clothing range which combats the cold.

As well as using a variety of DOOH formats along major transport routes and in close proximity to each match venue, the campaign also starred different players to ensure that each execution was locally relevant. For England’s rugby fixtures against New Zealand and Australia, England captain Lewis Moody was featured across XTP, DEP, LCD and Transvision screens at Waterloo underground and rail stations and on static 6 sheets in close proximity to Twickenham Stadium.

Similarly, the Villa vs Blackpool football match at Villa Park showed Agbonlahor smashing through the ice on Birmingham’s 5 Ways screen, Transvision screens, and Super Novae’s brand new Birmingham M5 Lynx screen. This was followed by bursts of activity around Arsenal vs Spurs at Emirates Stadium, Villa vs Arsenal at Villa Park, and Man United vs Arsenal at Old Trafford.

The campaign was booked by Mindshare and runs 5th November to 6th December.

ITV1 launched its flagship breakfast show “Daybreak” with a dynamic online and digital out-of-home campaign. The DOOH activity included tactical daypart messages and was screened in major shopping centres and public transport environments as well as online.

Devised by BBH and produced by Grand Visual, the creative rolled out in three stages.

Firstly, a live countdown teaser featured during the build up to the first show on Monday at 6am, when Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles began hosting. This was followed by a simple launch message on the Monday until 6pm when tactical daypart messages ran previewing the shows content for the following day, supporting the shows schedule for the first week of launch.

The client entered the copy directly into GV’s ad serving platform OpenLoop via their desktop, where it was then automatically reformatted and distributed to DOOH and online platforms instantly.

Rebekah Lord from ITV1 commented: “This campaign delivers fresh and relevant content at each phase of the programme launch.”

Lucy Scott, Team Manager at BBH commented: “The campaign is designed to announce the exciting new breakfast format and build interest in the show’s content. By using OpenLoop we have been able to harness the flexibility of digital outdoor media and sync it with all online communications instantly at the push of a button.”