You may be reading this whilst relaxing on your Summer holidays, but for consumers, the busiest quarter of the year is just getting started! 

With 28% of shoppers completing their Halloween shopping in September¹

And research from eBay showing that shoppers made two searches for “Christmas” every second on its site in August last year ²… it’s never too early for brands to start thinking about their outdoor campaigns for Q4.

Digital OOH Retail Insights

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for the best deals, and digital OOH has the ability to engage shoppers on-location, showcasing products and displaying offers in real-time.

Let us show you a few examples…

eBay Fill Your Cart With Colour

eBay brought shopping inspiration to the streets of the UK, with this colourful, weather-activated digital OOH campaign.

Estée Lauder Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine

An interactive digital OOH campaign for clinique's new chubby, plump & shine liquid lipstick

Here’s an engaging Augmented Reality experience we created for Clinique to promote the launch of its latest product.

Topshop Autumn/Winter 2015

Here’s a linear digital OOH campaign we produced for Topshop to promote their highly anticipated Autumn/Winter collection.

Marmite Love It or Hate It

Controversial condiment brand, Marmite, enabled shoppers to join in with its interactive Christmas digital OOH campaign.

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A digital screen displaying Topshop Autumn-Winter campaign creative

This week Topshop launched a nationwide Digital Out-of-Home campaign to promote their highly anticipated 2015 Autumn/Winter season. Fronted by supermodel of the moment Gigi Hadid, the tactical DOOH campaign will appear on digital screens at key shopping areas across London, Glasgow & Manchester.

Ric Albert, Digital Director at Grand Visual says:

“It is an exciting time to work with Topshop who have proven themselves as innovators not afraid of pushing creative & technical boundaries in order to deliver unique experiences for their customers.”

The 2015 Autumn/Winter campaign produced by Grand Visual follows on from a tactical execution produced to support the ‘Playland’ event at Topshop’s Oxford Circus store this past summer.

The Topshop creative is playing out on premium digital sites across the Storm, Ocean Outdoor, Exterion Media, Blow Up Media and Forrest networks for two weeks from the 14th of September, 2015.