A child in a monster costume in front of the green screen at the Nokia Lumia 930 launch

To demonstrate the stunning HD quality camera and OneDrive connectivity of the new Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, we helped create an event that turned families into stars of the silver screen at July’s Cornbury Festival in Oxford.

Working with the creative team at Hēlō, New York, and consumer engagement agency Mission, we built a green screen studio at the festival that enabled children and their parents to appear in their very own live-action meets animation movies.

Participants were provided with props and costumes, then filmed in front of the green screen using the Lumia 930’s HD camera. Taking advantage of the phone’s OneDrive connectivity, the footage was sent instantly to the Microsoft cloud storage system.

Footage was then pulled into our onsite editing environment to be blended in real-time with animations from Goldtooth Creative. Families could see themselves interacting with monsters, aliens, and a host of other critters, live on the screen in front of them. And once their movie star moment was over, they were given a photograph of their scene to take away with them.

But one more surprise lay in-store: At the end of the day a film featuring the families that had taken part was presented on the main festival stage — so all the children and parents could see themselves starring on the big screen!

The green screen studio saw over 400 interactions during the course of the weekend, and a video of the event has so far garnered almost 125,000 views.

Creative was lead by Hēlō, with creative technology production by Grand Visual. Experiential event management was handled by Mission, London. Animations were provided by Goldtooth Creative, and the film of the event was produced by Chip Films.