NBC Universal is launching a nationwide dynamic digital out of home (DOOH) campaign to celebrate the arrival of the US number one ranked late night TV series: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The popular chat show premieres on E! from 1st November at 10pm, with each episode shown in UK 24 hours after the US broadcast.

The DOOH campaign features host Jimmy Fallon alongside dynamic copy and photos announcing celebrity guests appearing that night, plus the call to action to tune in to E! at 10pm. Dynamic updates are managed through OpenLoop, and target homeward bound commuters nationwide, via Rail D6 screens and London Underground’s LCD network.

The UK episodes air at 10pm, Tuesday through to Saturday each week. DOOH media is booked from 12pm-midnight on the same weekdays, in four separate bursts, through to 24th November. The campaign was planned and booked by MediaCom, produced by Grand Visual, and facilitated by OpenLoop. The DOOH push supports a broader outdoor, press and digital campaign.

Dan Dawson, at Grand Visual commented:

“This campaign delivers fresh and timely content to a captive audience, on a broadcast level. As the creative evolves and refreshes each day, the campaign builds momentum and drives intrigue and anticipation amongst commuters as they head home to enjoy their evening.”