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The latest UK Out of Home revenue figures, collated by PwC and released by Outsmart this week show that OOH is in great health. Not only did OOH show 5.3% year on year growth, but digital OOH has performed particularly well, growing 17.9% year on year.

Digital OOH accounted for 47% of total OOH spend in Q1, 2018, due to the incredible investment and dedication from Media Owners across the UK. Including LinkUK installing new units across the country, and Clear Channel expanding it’s Adshel network and replacing old phone boxes with new smart alternatives.

LinkUK out of home

Adshel out of home

The result of this investment means that digital OOH is now capable of achieving 60% weekly cover of UK adults aged over 16 years. This is an amazing figure – a 37% increase from the same time in 2017.

We have certainly seen evidence of this growth at Grand Visual, in the variety of campaigns that come through our doors. And not just in the UK, we are seeing the global growth of digital OOH with increasing demands & format varieties on our international campaigns.

Our work for a larget entertainment client is a great example of digital OOH’s international growth. We are continually delivering to more countries, a wider variety of formats, specialist screens and interesting environments.

Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, comments:

“This is a great start to the year and shows both Classic and Digital Out of Home continues to offer the trust and creative flexibility that advertisers demand.”

We couldn’t agree more and are excited to see what the rest of year brings.

Today, Grand Visual launches OpenLoop – the new Digital Out of Home campaign management dashboard that facilitates dynamic, real-time, responsive campaigns across multiple networks and markets. OpenLoop enables brands and their agencies to centrally control content and publish to multiple networks as the campaign demands.

Until now, OpenLoop has been in beta format as an in-house management tool for Grand Visual clients such as Nike, IBM, ITV and Amex. But as demand for responsive and dynamic Digital Out of Home campaigns has grown – Grand Visual has launched its innovative campaign management software as an independent online dashboard.

Now anyone can plan and execute campaigns large, multi-format and dynamic digital out of home campaigns using OpenLoop. OpenLoop is fully integrated with all major digital outdoor formats in the UK and enables users to update campaigns in real-time, modifying images, text, video, RSS and social media feeds instantly.

Now digital OOH can really deliver on one of its key selling points – its ability to react in real-time with relevant copy to a broadcast audience.