McDonald's Monopoly digital OOH campaign
McDonald’s are celebrating the return of their highly anticipated Monopoly prize game with a tactical, digital OOH campaign.

Mcdonald's Monopoly digital OOH

The UK-wide campaign encourages consumers to get “peely peely” for a chance to win, by reminding them how many prizes have already been claimed!

Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign creative features a live counter bordered by subtly-animated board game pieces and prizes up for grabs. Using data from a live API feed, the live counter capitalises on the consumers “fear of missing out.”

The campaign will run in two phases. The first phase will show consumers the number of prizes that have been claimed at a national level alongside the catchy call to action, “get peely peely for your chance to win.”

Similarly, the second phase will also show the number of prizes that have been claimed – but at a regional level. Twenty UK cities were carefully selected and campaign copy was tailored. For example, “10,000 prizes already claimed in Birmingham,” alongside the same call to action.

The campaign was produced by Grand Visual, with planning and buying by OMD and Talon. OpenLoop, the digital OOH campaign management platform from QDOT, takes the live prize data feed from McDonald’s and distributes relevant creative to Media Owners across the UK.


McDonald's Monopoly Campaign

McDonalds has launched an exciting Digital Out of Home campaign to enhance the 10 year anniversary McDonalds Monopoly campaign running in partnership with Hasbro. This year the “Golden Chances” campaign has £10 million worth of prizes up for grabs for customers of McDonalds.

The partnership involves a Monopoly-style game that is integrated into McDonald’s products, which gives customers the chance to win prizes after purchasing products from its restaurants including four grand prize give aways of £100,000.

This year OpenLoop will deliver localised updates across eight different regions with the number of prizes claimed in the local area. The fun creative is focused around the notion there are so many prizes to be claimed “you’d better start practicing your winner’s dance”.

The campaign is delivered on over two hundred screens across thirteen media owners. The campaign was created by Leo Burnett, planned and booked by OMD and Talon and runs from 30th March to the 4th of April.