This winter Sky prove that there is no need to change a winning formula with their latest DOOH campaign. For the third year they have launched the successful “Sky Difference” campaign which encourages viewers to enjoy ‘epic nights in this winter’ with Sky.

As with previous years, the Sky Difference DOOH campaign integrates live Met Office data in real-time with location data to create hyper localised, contextual messages. The campaign, delivered via OpenLoop, is running throughout the UK this January, with the creative featuring popular Sky Atlantic shows including Game of Thrones, The Affair and Blue Blood.

Created by Inferno and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign creatively mimics the current weather conditions with gusts of wind or rain and entices customers to enjoy a night in with Sky.

The campaign was planned and booked by Rapport and plays on Rail, Mall and Gym D6’s nationwide from the 4th to 18th of January.

A photo of the Dove Invisible Colour Recognition activation in action – Grand Visual, ground-breaking digital out of home production

Throughout July, Unilever used state of the art colour-recognition outdoor interactive poster sites to celebrate the launch of Dove Invisible Dry deodorant and its “100 colours” campaign.

In the first use by a beauty brand, the digital 6-sheet outdoor campaign featured colour recognition technology developed by Grand Visual. When a user stood in front of the screen the technology identified and captured the dominant colour they were wearing. The application applied this to the creative on the screen – changing it to reflect the colour of the clothes worn by the person. The concept tied in perfectly with the Dove campaign to encourage women to be colour confident by using new Dove Invisible Dry deodorant. Each digital “D6” unit delivered location specific messaging, directing consumers to the local Boots store in that shopping centre.

The campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic and ran in key shopping centres across UK, including Bluewater, Lakeside, Trinity Leeds, Centre MK and the Bullring. The activity formed part of a wider digital out-of-home campaign that delivered reach in fashion environments and in close proximity to relevant retailers.

Callum Galloway, Dove Deodorant Brand Manager said, “It is very exciting to be working on yet another ground breaking activation to bring to life the Dove Deodorant Invisible Dry campaign. Once again we are putting women right at the heart of our campaign and encouraging them to embrace colour confidence.”

Dan Dawson, Creative Technology Director at Grand Visual added, “This innovative use of colour detection technology is a perfect fit with the campaign messaging talking about the product’s use on 100 colours. We delivered messaging tailored to the very clothes a person in front of the D6 screen was wearing, creating a fun, powerful and engaging experience.”


Watch here

Ford of Britain will this week, at selected shopping centres nationwide, launch an augmented reality campaign featuring the new 7 seat Grand C-MAX car on JCDecaux Innovate’s mall six-sheet screens. The campaign allows people to handle and explore miniaturised 3D ‘virtual’ models of the cars on screen and in the palm of their hand.

The campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather in London and digital production company Grand Visual, allows users to interact with the car simply by holding their hands up to the screen. Virtual buttons allow the user to choose the colour of the car, open doors, fold the seats flat, turn the car 360 degrees and select demos of the car’s key features such as Active Park Assist.

This is the first outdoor augmented reality campaign to use 3D depth imaging technology in the UK. Rather than using a printed marker or symbol as a point of reference for interaction, the user interface is based on natural movement and hand gestures allowing any passerby to immediately start interacting with the screen content. A Panasonic D-Imager camera accurately measures the users real-time spatial depth output and Inition’s augmented reality software merges this real life footage with the 3D photo-real Grand C-MAX on screen.

The campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic and will run for two weeks at Bluewater, Greenhithe; Bullring, Birmingham; Metrocentre, Gateshead; St David’s, Cardiff; Princess, East Kilbride and in Westfield, Derby. This highly innovative campaign from Ford follows on from their SMAX ‘Ice Climber’ activity last year which also eschewed traditional billboards in favour of more immersive technologies which allow consumers to interact more intimately with the brand.

Mark Simpson at Ford said:

“Using live interactive outdoor campaigns is a great way to really engage with the audience in a way that is not possible with static posters. This has enabled us to create a targeted and tactical campaign that is relevant and fun to use.”

Andy Dibb, Associate Creative Partner at Ogilvy & Mather commented:

“It’s eye catching, intrusive, groundbreaking and brings to life the idea of ‘Innovation in your hands’. And it’s a great way to get hold of a new C-MAX”.

Dan Dawson, Digital Director at Grand Visual added:

“Digital outdoor enables advertisers to get closer to consumers. Ford’s clever use of the latest technology is a great fit for the next-generation C-MAX cars. Customers can get a real feel for the cars before stepping foot in a showroom”.

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director – Sales at JCDecaux said:

“This is the very latest in ‘Augmented Reality’ technology and enables consumers to put the brand in their hand. This campaign for Ford gives consumers the power to control the creative without even having to touch the screen – this is a real media first”

Laura-Jane Powell, Mindshare / Kinetic OOH commented:

“This is part of a much wider campaign supporting the C-MAX, and Augmented Reality in malls was chosen specifically to enhance the consumers brand experience and engagement. This media first is a great example of collaboration between companies and Outdoor at its pinnacle.”


Working with Saatchi & Saatchi, Grand Visual produced an interactive in-store creative event for Lamisil® AT Cream, at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London. The interactive floor projection debuted at the Boots store in the North Atrium of the Westfield Shopping Centre.

John Pallant, Regional Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA said: “Like Saatchi & Saatchi, our client has always been keen to experiment and push creative boundaries. And this is a great example, bringing innovation and fun to a persuasive message to shoppers, right at the point of purchase.”

As the customer enters the store and walks into the “infected” area the projected nasty little fungus creatures begin to move around on the ground and chase the feet of passers-by. The longer the customer stands in the infected area, the more the fungus is attracted to them, quickly multiplying around the feet.

The customer is then directed to a projected tube of Lamisil® where they can find relief from the fungus. As they stand on the tube, it squeezes out rays of light that flash around the Lamisil® shield knocking out all the surrounding fungus. The tag line “Treat your athlete’s foot and free your feet” appears, and the customer is “cured”.

Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland Derek Green said “We wanted people to interact with the Lamisil® brand and create a conversation starter about the not-so-sexy condition of athlete’s foot in an innovative way. The end result is a real breakthrough for the category.”

Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Digital Creative Director, Tom Eslinger said: “People are not only becoming more selective in their choice of products, they are also becoming more specific about how they receive messages from media. Interaction is no longer tied to the home PC and working with Lamisil® has brought interaction beyond the screen and literally to where the product ‘lives’.

Nike launched the first ever live DOOH campaign to run across 9 different networks. The campaign was based on England’s progress during the World Cup and featured immediate, post match copy written by Nike’s team at Wieden+Kennedy London. Grand Visual’s OpenLoop was at the heart of the campaign with copy lines being entered and pushed to the multiple formats in one pass. The campaign targeted people on their way home from watching the game – by tube, rail and car, and featured Nike’s sponsored players.

T-Mobile launched a digital outdoor initiative as part of its inaugural campaign promoting the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android-powered phone. The campaign aired across London Underground screens, digital 6-sheets, and on LCD screens at the brand new Westfield Shopping Centre.

Grand Visual created three separate executions for the T-Mobile G1 campaign based on Saatchi & Saatchi’s creative concept which uses Google Mobile map icons denoting places of interest. The first execution features a local chip shop with a giant pin head marking the spot. The image zooms out to reveal a product shot with a Google map highlighting the location on screen. A speech bubble appears with the announcement and call to action “It’s here – The new T-Mobile G1 with Google. Get yours now at our local T-Mobile store.”

The second execution announces the phone’s arrival with the Google pin head marking London’s popular Borough Market before zooming out to show the markets map location and call to action. The final execution features a group of men playing golf when a giant envelope appears on the golf course demonstrating the phone’s ability to send and receive mail direct using the Gmail application.