Olympic sponsor Cadburys is taking its Spots V Stripes campaign to the streets in a new outdoor campaign aimed at keeping the nation playing games. The campaign runs for two weeks on LOCOG screens at 18 city centre locations and features national and localised content to encourage game play at spotsvstripes.com. The campaign plays out as a dynamic 5 minute loop for one hour per day at each location.

The creative begins with an intro video reinforcing the Spots V Stripes concept, and includes a live scoreboard and a calendar of local events to entice people to get involved. Copy also includes user generated videos from local ‘heroes’ aggregated from the campaign microsite. Live social media feeds are displayed and locally targeted messages from the Cadburys marketing team updated throughout the day using Grand Visual’s ad serving facility OpenLoop.

This latest campaign follows the interactive digital outdoor campaign GV produced for Cadbury’s in August this year. The interactive activity allowed contestants to play two games on-screen in 9 shopping malls using augmented reality software and gesture based technology.