Last week a record-breaking crowd of more 50,000 converged in Amsterdam to attend this year’s “Integrated Systems Europe expo”, securing its place as the world’s leading professional AV and electronics expo. The GV Labs team went along to see some of the latest and greatest developments in the industry over the past year. Here, Michael Farrance shares some of the team’s favourites of the show.

Strong Trends in Projection Mapping

Projection mapping dominated the landscape at ISE this year. Advances in object mapping and spatial augmented reality have made the medium more accessible than ever. The technology was used in a variety of situations, from simple signage to creative and artistic exhibitions.

We witnessed some impressive auto-calibration equipment that was able to map a model car and within thirty seconds the content was being accurately projected onto the car.

projection maping

Effective Holographic Executions

Although we’ve seen holograms before, there were some skillful executions this year which integrated real world objects with the virtual to create some thoroughly immersive effects. Examples include this one from McDonalds which uses coffee to mimic fireworks bursting from soil.


4K 3D Without Glasses

The move from HD to 4K has made vast improvements to the quality of the lens-less 3D experience. Although, we’re yet to experience the 3D Jaws from Back to the Future, we’re actually at a nice trade-off where the effect is apparent but subtle. An exhibitor was able to demonstrate this by adjusting the third dimension depth on the fly, providing a live comparison.


Driving Simulator

This year the wish list addition to the GV office is this driving simulator. The stand got everyone’s attention with its beautiful curved, ultra high definition screen and hydraulic reactive chassis

driving simulator