To herald the beginning of Autumn, Sainsbury’s released a smart linear digital OOH campaign, targeting commuters and shoppers on their way home. To encourage people to stop at Sainsbury’s, the campaign drew on the anticipation and excited conversations that revolve around what to eat for dinner.

The campaign ran predominantly in high footfall commuter areas including shopping centres and along rail platforms and was designed to show two friends, family or loved ones texting about dinner.

By running a smart linear campaign, Sainsbury’s was able to use intelligent scheduling and contextual creative to better target potential customers.

Planned and booked by PHD and Talon and produced by Grand Visual, the digital OOH ran from 27th September through to the 10th November.

Additionally, Sainsbury’s ran a dynamic digital OOH campaign for their retail brand TU. The campaign matched the latest styles to real-time weather conditions. The Autumn variant was an updated version of their fashion industry-first, weather activated campaign which ran in Spring.

This winter Sky prove that there is no need to change a winning formula with their latest DOOH campaign. For the third year they have launched the successful “Sky Difference” campaign which encourages viewers to enjoy ‘epic nights in this winter’ with Sky.

As with previous years, the Sky Difference DOOH campaign integrates live Met Office data in real-time with location data to create hyper localised, contextual messages. The campaign, delivered via OpenLoop, is running throughout the UK this January, with the creative featuring popular Sky Atlantic shows including Game of Thrones, The Affair and Blue Blood.

Created by Inferno and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign creatively mimics the current weather conditions with gusts of wind or rain and entices customers to enjoy a night in with Sky.

The campaign was planned and booked by Rapport and plays on Rail, Mall and Gym D6’s nationwide from the 4th to 18th of January.

Rapport worked alongside Sky and Grand Visual to measure social activity on Twitter with up-to-the-minute information being displayed across national roadside digital 6 sheets, including mall and National Rail.

The Digital Out of Home special, went live on Wednesday 6th May, will demonstrate how Sky News will be at the heart of the inspiring election conversation. A system has been built that pulls in data from social media analytics company, Vigiglobe, a partner that Sky have collaborated with for the Sky News app, to measure the latest stats of the election build up.

OpenLoop will be used to manage live data reflecting the performance of the 5 main political parties on Twitter. On screen, the dynamic creative will adapt every hour according to social media sentiment to keep the public informed as the election progresses. Vigiglobe will analyse all relevant tweets based on which party has had the most positive tweets and which party has been tweeted about the most over the previous hour and feed that data via API into OpenLoop.

Alasdair Weddell, Media Planning Controller at Sky, commented:

“Sky News coverage of the General Election is about being up-to-the-minute, relevant and accessible across multiple platforms. This dynamic digital outdoor solution enables us to be first for breaking election updates even when our consumers are out and about.”

Craig Barber, Head of Innovation and Emerging Media at Rapport, said:

“It’s yet another exemplary campaign from Sky who are harnessing the power of Digital Out of Home. Sky News is able to visually represent the election conversations taking place across the UK, showcasing how Sky News is at the heart of election campaigning. Digital Out of Home is one of the few mediums that is able to support this up to the minute data on a national scale.”

Neil Morris, Managing Director at Grand Visual, explained:

“This campaign for Sky News demonstrates the power of Digital Out of Home for brands in a rich and relevant way through smart use of data. OpenLoop and enhanced Digital Out of Home communication really comes into its own at a time like this when the public have a real hunger for insight and a trusted source.”

A photo of the Dove Invisible Colour Recognition activation in action – Grand Visual, ground-breaking digital out of home production

Throughout July, Unilever used state of the art colour-recognition outdoor interactive poster sites to celebrate the launch of Dove Invisible Dry deodorant and its “100 colours” campaign.

In the first use by a beauty brand, the digital 6-sheet outdoor campaign featured colour recognition technology developed by Grand Visual. When a user stood in front of the screen the technology identified and captured the dominant colour they were wearing. The application applied this to the creative on the screen – changing it to reflect the colour of the clothes worn by the person. The concept tied in perfectly with the Dove campaign to encourage women to be colour confident by using new Dove Invisible Dry deodorant. Each digital “D6” unit delivered location specific messaging, directing consumers to the local Boots store in that shopping centre.

The campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic and ran in key shopping centres across UK, including Bluewater, Lakeside, Trinity Leeds, Centre MK and the Bullring. The activity formed part of a wider digital out-of-home campaign that delivered reach in fashion environments and in close proximity to relevant retailers.

Callum Galloway, Dove Deodorant Brand Manager said, “It is very exciting to be working on yet another ground breaking activation to bring to life the Dove Deodorant Invisible Dry campaign. Once again we are putting women right at the heart of our campaign and encouraging them to embrace colour confidence.”

Dan Dawson, Creative Technology Director at Grand Visual added, “This innovative use of colour detection technology is a perfect fit with the campaign messaging talking about the product’s use on 100 colours. We delivered messaging tailored to the very clothes a person in front of the D6 screen was wearing, creating a fun, powerful and engaging experience.”


Watch here

This month sees ITV run an online and digital out-of-home campaign promoting the portability of its online catch-up service, ITV Player. The online activity started on January 16th, with DOOH following a week later.

The DOOH creative includes two specially shot spots entitled Painter and Baby. The Painter spot features a young man happily painting a floor before realising he has painted himself into a corner. The Baby creative shows a father vainly trying to get his crying baby to sleep before realising that he has no choice but to sit by the cot. In both spots, a mobile device with ITV Player offers a way to while away the time.

The online campaign featured takeovers and banners on sites such as,, Mail Online, and, amongst others. The digital out-of-home creative ran on Transvision, XTP, D6, Access Manchester, the Birmingham Bullring, and the Liverpool Media Wall formats. Grand Visual provided consultancy on the DOOH shoot and produced and trafficked the online assets.

Europcar Cromwell Road

Europcar initiated a live digital outdoor campaign to promote freeDeliver, their new hire car delivery and collection service which will “save an hour in your day.” The campaign is based on a Twitter stream from #myextrahour where people describe what they will do with the hour they gain. The tweets can be seen across JCDecaux’s D6 network and on i, their new Première digital site on London’s Cromwell Road.

The creative features Europcar’s branding and url with the freeDeliver logo and poses the question “What would you do with your free hour?” Below this a scrolling twitter feed runs through the responses such as “I’d use #myextrahour to lie down and digest this pizza and chips” for example. Under the Twitter headlines the call to action prompts “What would you do? Tell us at #myextrahour.”

This is the first live copy execution to run on JCDecaux’s i site which launched earlier this month. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the campaign was planned by MediaVest, booked by Kinetic and managed through OpenLoop which allows advertisers to manage live copy executions across all major UK DOOH networks. It marked the first live copy execution to run on the i site, which launched last month.

Sky Sports launches a multi network digital outdoor campaign to promote its exclusive live coverage of the Ashes tournament. Supporting the print and static outdoor concept “Stay up or catch up”, the digital activity adds daily match results and tailored commentary based on that day’s game play.

Created by Brothers and Sisters and delivered through Grand Visual’s OpenLoop tactical platform, the multi format digital outdoor campaign targets commuters with tactical day part copy. The morning creative shows a member of Sky’s commentary team greeting commuters with the end of day match scores and reminding fans to “watch the morning catch up” on Sky Player,, or Sky Mobile TV.

On the evening execution a commentator appears providing opinion on the previous day’s play and the day to come – prompting viewers to “Stay up or catch up” with Sky.

The campaign is managed through Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform which enables copy updates to be pushed across multiple outdoor networks almost instantaneously. The timely and responsive communication runs across seven different networks along popular commuter routes including roadside, forecourt, rail and underground.

Media was booked by IPM and runs for the duration of the test match.

ITV1 launched its flagship breakfast show “Daybreak” with a dynamic online and digital out-of-home campaign. The DOOH activity included tactical daypart messages and was screened in major shopping centres and public transport environments as well as online.

Devised by BBH and produced by Grand Visual, the creative rolled out in three stages.

Firstly, a live countdown teaser featured during the build up to the first show on Monday at 6am, when Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles began hosting. This was followed by a simple launch message on the Monday until 6pm when tactical daypart messages ran previewing the shows content for the following day, supporting the shows schedule for the first week of launch.

The client entered the copy directly into GV’s ad serving platform OpenLoop via their desktop, where it was then automatically reformatted and distributed to DOOH and online platforms instantly.

Rebekah Lord from ITV1 commented: “This campaign delivers fresh and relevant content at each phase of the programme launch.”

Lucy Scott, Team Manager at BBH commented: “The campaign is designed to announce the exciting new breakfast format and build interest in the show’s content. By using OpenLoop we have been able to harness the flexibility of digital outdoor media and sync it with all online communications instantly at the push of a button.”