This week British Airways launched ‘Picture Your Holiday’, an innovative digital platform which makes holiday planning simple and fun. Users select their holiday preferences from an array of photos featuring idyllic beaches, cityscapes, and sporting activities. Based on this data, the platform then suggests suitable destinations and allows you to socially share them online.

To launch the platform BBH initiated an online and out-of-home campaign which included interactive touch-screen LCDs at Westfield London. The interactive campaign was produced and built by Grand Visual in association with Kinetic Fuel, and was designed to get people hands on with the new tool.

The creative mimics the online tool by inviting passers-by to select their preferences from an animated concertina. Based on their choices, a number of BA recommendations are then displayed on screen with the call to action to “Have another play and create your perfect holiday at”. A broader linear campaign runs on London Underground DEPs, LCDs and rail Transvision screens for two weeks.