Sony Instigates UGC Powered Digital Out of Home Campaign for PS4

Sony PlayStation has instigated a UGC powered Digital Out of Home campaign to build anticipation ahead of the PS4 launch on 28th November. The campaign invites the public to upload photos of everyday items that look like a PlayStation symbol for the chance to win a PS4, and incorporates their photos into the nationwide outdoor campaign.

The people powered campaign takes user photos uploaded to and integrates them into the creative alongside the contributor’s name and the strapline “This is for the players, this is PS4”. The campaign is delivered via OpenLoop, the Digital Out of Home campaign management dashboard, and is constantly refreshed with new photos throughout the day.

The campaign was created by Drum, planned and bought by MGOMD and Talon, with production by Grand Visual. The campaign can be seen on screens across the UK including the London Underground, Shopping Malls, In-Bar screens, Cinema Foyers and Student Unions.

The Digital Out of Home activity supports a broader Outdoor campaign which also saw the OXO Tower decorated with the PlayStation symbols this month, plus extensive TV, print and online elements. The console, which went on sale in the US on Friday 15 November, quickly sold a million units in the first 24 hours of release.