Google Data-Driven Digital OOH
Google extended its “Make the Most of Summer” campaign with a responsive, data-driven, nationwide, digital OOH push that demonstrates the little ways in which Google is there to help you enjoy the summer.

The campaign showcases Google’s Search functionality with popular city-wide summer search terms, such as ‘Best ice cream in Glasgow,’ or ‘Parks near me,’ for example.

Full motion sites across London, Manchester, and Birmingham, also list the results for search terms, including star ratings, opening times, and map directions with creative also reacting to time of day and local weather conditions, to provide the most relevant creative in the moment.

At Old Street EC1, Google’s long-term digital holding in London, creative features additional location-specific, weather, time, day, and temperature triggers, and also taps into cultural events such as The Ashes, to contextualise creative during the campaign.

Google Data-Driven Digital OOH

Created by 72andSunny Amsterdam, and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign was planned and booked by OMD and Talon and runs across transit, retail and city-centre locations until the 25th of August, with an extended run at Old Street roundabout.

Dynamic creative is delivered via OpenLoop, the Dynamic Creative Optimisation ad server from ad tech specialist QDOT.

Graham Bednash, Director of Consumer Marketing at Google UK, said: “There’s something unique about the British interest in the weather and the way we react to summer. We love the way this campaign really captures that and shows how Google Search and Maps can help people make the most of it.”


“Dynamic campaigns of this scale are archetypical of where the OOH market is headed following years of digitisation and investment. It’s awesome to see Google marketing continuing to lead and believe in the DOOH space with an epic campaign that is tactical, reactive and responsive.” Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Officer.

Google Pixel Digital OOH
To promote the release of the highly anticipated Google Pixel 3, Google has launched a huge digital OOH awareness campaign.

Launching on the 25th of October, the large-scale campaign gives the tech giant’s latest smartphone impressive visibility across the UK’s digital OOH media landscape. The phased campaign supporting pre-orders, launch and the Christmas period is scheduled to run right through to 10th December.

Google Pixel 3 Digital OOH

For the first phase of the campaign, the multiple creatives featured a product shot merging into a lifestyle scene – as well as the call to action of ‘Pre-order Now.’ On 1st November, when the smartphone was released, the copy was switched to ‘Now Available’ and focused on the Pixel’s various features.

Grand Visual was responsible for digital production and developed the creative provided by 72 and Sunny into an impressive linear campaign. The campaign has been booked across traditional and digital OOH media in a 50/50 split that encompasses 8 different media owners.

Google Pixel 3 Digital OOH

The impressive campaign can be seen in action at iconic sites across the UK including Manchester’s Printworks, London’s Storm Cromination and a digiwall domination at Piccadilly Underground Station.


Google Chromebook digital OOH
google digital ooh old street
google digital ooh old street
Google extended its “Make Google Do It” campaign, with a clever UK-wide digital OOH push.

The campaign demonstrates how Google Assistant can help with a variety of everyday tasks. The activity runs across transit, retail and city-centre locations until 8th July, Old Street roundabout has an extended run which lasts until 3rd August.

google digital ooh old street

The ‘Make Google Do It’ digital OOH creative uses two creative threads. The first features the Google Home Mini and highlights the versatility of Google Assistant, its main product, by demonstrating how it can help to “Play it. Skip it. Time it. Dial it. Forecast it. Remember it. Schedule it. Prep it. Do it.”

The second creative thread demonstrates Google Assistant’s ability to help with everyday tasks in a Q&A style activation at Old Street Roundabout. Here copy is linked to time, day, location, and major cultural events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon, and Pride London. Additionally, it pulls in local and contextual information such as “Feeling hungry Old Street? or “Can’t find the mythical Shoreditch cash points?” to highlight Google Assistant’s ability to provide location-based relevance.

Created by R/GA London and Google UK, Grand Visual was responsible for the production & delivery whilst media planning & buying was taken care of by Talon and OMD. The digital OOH campaign is part of a broader integrated global campaign that is running across cinema, TV, out-of-home, press, display and social media.

Meg Ledger, Client Manager, Talon said:

“OOH was the perfect channel to communicate how Google Assistant can be your playful sidekick throughout the day. Working collaboratively with Grand Visual, Google, OMDUK and R/GA we were able to maximize the effect of OOH by deploying clever contextual creative assets to tap into a relevant frame of mind for busy on the go audiences”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer, Grand Visual, said:

“This campaign took over 100 pieces of copy to deliver. By using smart scheduling, Google has created a fresh, timely and engaging campaign that reaches a mass audience and demonstrates just how far the medium has come.”

Google Pixel 2 Digital OOH

Google is launching a tactical, data-driven digital OOH campaign to promote its second-generation smartphone, Pixel 2. The campaign uses location, audience, traffic, and moment specific data, to run contextual messaging across road, transit, and retail locations in a nationwide push from 6th November – 18th December, followed by a Christmas specific push which runs through to 31st December.

Created by BBH and produced by Grand Visual, the campaign highlights 5 key features of the new Google Pixel 2; Assistant, Lens, Storage, Battery, and Camera. The campaign brings each feature to life by responding to conditions at each location to trigger the most appropriate feature in that moment and to contextualise creative at a city and even fashion, food or nightlife hub. The campaign also takes into account, traffic delays, time of day and key dates such as Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve to provide relevance in its messaging.

On Friday night, for example, digital billboards close to nightlife hotspots could ask “Did my nightlife just get brighter?” whilst displaying the Pixel 2 with low-light camera. Alternatively, heavy traffic at roadside and transit locations could trigger creative for Google Assistant and query “Could it win me points for punctuality?” with an image of someone running for transport. All photo imagery used in the campaign was shot on a Pixel 2 and taken by fashion and food influencers.

On London bus lines, digital, geo-targeted side panels will display messages such as “Pixel 2, now at an EE store in Hackney” will display and adjust depending on the neighborhood or particular landmark the bus is passing.

The media was planned and booked by OMD and Talon and spans 8 cities and 7 different media owner inventories. To enhance the contextual relevancy of the campaign, artwork is dynamically triggered through OpenLoop which integrates traffic, rail, time of day, and location data, and automates the delivery of specific creative when predefined conditions are met.

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, said:

“Using data to inform digital OOH creative keeps messages targeted and useful throughout the consumer journey. By exploiting the context effect, Google has created a compelling call to action that is aligned with the consumer mindset.”

Google Digital Garage DOOH
A photo of a London Underground escaltor running the Androidify campaign DEP execution

Google has launched a DOOH campaign promoting its Android brand, and the Androidify app.

The app, available either online or via download to a mobile device, allows users to customise an Android avatar to look like them, their friend, or anyone else they choose. The user is then encouraged to share the customised avatar on social media.

The campaign, created by Adam & Eve DDB, uses linear and dynamic DOOH to showcase the huge range of customised characters available under the tagline “be together. not the same”. Creative features a cast of customised avatars in environments tailored to screen locations. For example, activity running on London Underground DEPs shows a multitude of personalised avatars travelling on an escalator.

The campaign is running throughout November at locations in London and Manchester, including Underground, rail stations, shopping malls, roadside, and bus shelters. Dynamic content, powered by Grand Visual’s OpenLoop campaign management dashboard, will be displayed on JCDecaux’s new Old Street EC1 screens.

Digital production is by Adam & Eve DDB and Grand Visual, with animation by Passion Pictures. Media was planned and booked by Talon. Media owners are JCDecaux, Exterion, Clear Channel, and Ocean Outdoor.