Sainsbury’s Autumn Digital OOH asks What’s for Dinner?

To herald the beginning of Autumn, Sainsbury’s released a smart linear digital OOH campaign, targeting commuters and shoppers on their way home. To encourage people to stop at Sainsbury’s, the campaign drew on the anticipation and excited conversations that revolve around what to eat for dinner.

The campaign ran predominantly in high footfall commuter areas including shopping centres and along rail platforms and was designed to show two friends, family or loved ones texting about dinner.

By running a smart linear campaign, Sainsbury’s was able to use intelligent scheduling and contextual creative to better target potential customers.

Planned and booked by PHD and Talon and produced by Grand Visual, the digital OOH ran from 27th September through to the 10th November.

Additionally, Sainsbury’s ran a dynamic digital OOH campaign for their retail brand TU. The campaign matched the latest styles to real-time weather conditions. The Autumn variant was an updated version of their fashion industry-first, weather activated campaign which ran in Spring.