Post Office Launches DOOH Christmas Campaign

In a bid to help people get the best out of their local postal service this Christmas, the Post Office has launched a Digital Out of Home campaign to provide information about extended opening hours, self-service counters, and nearest branches. The extensive nationwide campaign kicks off this week across Roadside, Tube, Rail, Mall and City Centre environments.

The campaign includes tactical daypart messages to help customers beat queues by advising them to avoid their busiest times – lunchtimes and Monday’s. The campaign also includes geo-targeted copy on those screens in close proximity to a Post Office offering Self Service or Crown Service to let people know that “Christmas is just around the corner and so are we, just a few minutes away on Spring Gardens” and directs them to their nearest branch.

The tactical campaign was planned and booked by Mindshare and Kinetic, with creative from Dare and production by Grand Visual. The copy lead execution also encourages customers engage with their digital channels @PostOffice and for more information on the most efficient way to use the Post Office this Christmas.