Oreo Eclipse Creates its Own Celestial Event

Talon and Grand Visual have delivered on a real time reproduction of the solar eclipse using Digital Out of Home screens around the UK in association with Oreo.

The creative ran for two hours, from 8:25am-10:40am on Friday morning (20th March) to coincide with the partial solar eclipse seen across the UK, matching the trajectory of the eclipse in real time.

The campaign is a collaboration between Talon and Grand Visual and provides a unique opportunity to showcase the tactical and real time opportunities within Digital Out of Home.

The partnership includes media owners Storm, Outdoor Plus and Forrest Media with brand partners PHD and Mondelez. The campaign will feature the hashtag #OreoEclipse.

Richard Simkins, Innovations Director at Talon explains

“We often talk about how data can improve the targeting of OOH campaigns. With #OreoEclipse we used astronomical data to build a wonderfully simple campaign only matched by the wonder of the solar eclipse itself.  We have created a domination opportunity on multiple Digital Out of Home screens for the duration of the entire eclipse. This has created a unique opportunity for Oreo to entertain people with a wonderfully creative ad, delivered in real-time, that was literally out of this world.”

Jeremy Taylor, Account Director at Grand Visual adds,

“The Digital OOH canvas is a fantastic home for both rich content and being smarter with context, timing and location. This execution mirrors the exact timings and trajectory of the eclipse, which allows for Oreo to position their brand in a playful and creative manner but with an added layer of intelligence.”

The eclipse was seen in real time on Digital Out of Home screens, without the need for a special apparatus, in the following locations:

  • Cheyne Walk (Outdoor Plus): Cheyne Walk, Thames Embankment, London, SW10 0NA
  • Coventry House (Storm): 21-22 Coventry St, London, W1D 7AE
  • Edinburgh Gateway (Forrest): EH11 2QW

“Click Here” to view a time-lapse of the event at Piccadilly.