OpenLoop Expands to New Formats & Markets

Since launching in 2012, OpenLoop, the Digital Out of Home campaign management dashboard, has steadily expanded by adding new networks, formats and markets, as demand from advertisers for dynamic, real-time, cross-network campaigns continues to grow. Last year saw dramatic growth with a record number of campaigns powered by OpenLoop. Campaign count was up 114% with 30 campaigns last year against 14 in 2012.

OpenLoop is now ‘plugged-in’ and compliant with 72 Digital Out of Home networks managed by 21 different Media Owners, across 6 countries. Media owners have done a fantastic job of investing in their technology and infrastructure and combined with OpenLoop there is a purpose built platform that makes this diverse media landscape addressable in a standardized way. It’s now possible to run live, scalable, multi-format, international campaigns from a central dashboard.

OpenLoop takes care of the diversity and nuances of the many digital OOH opportunities allowing brands and their creative teams to concentrate on exploiting the medium to its full creative potential. We have already seen a step change in the way agency teams are creating and using the medium and with 46 awards won for OOH campaigns powered by OpenLoop since its launch in 2012 awards juries clearly agree.

Some of our favourites (and most awarded) are here:

As a great round-off to what has been a landmark year for the platform, OpenLoop also won it’s very own award for “Best Innovation” at The Connies. The category recognised products or services that have the potential to bring about market change. OpenLoop’s ability to unlock the potential of the Digital Out of Home medium impressed the judges who said: “It makes uptake of an emerging technology much more effective and this really felt like a genuine innovation.”

Digital OOH can now really deliver on one of its key selling points – its ability to react in real-time with relevant copy to a broadcast audience. This year we are looking to continue the integration and reach of the platform with major networks across Europe and America. We have already started the process by sending Tim to America for 3 months. You can read his Report from New York here, exploring the Digital Out of Home market in the US and how this compares to the UK landscape.